Quality, security and service

Our goal is to realize unique and creative software solutions. Ranging from complex systems to websites. As a technical partner we support organizations in development. Our expertise is backend (PHP and JavaScript) and frontend work and we are drupal specialists. We enjoy working open source with our base in Amsterdam and Kiev.

Examples of projects are web apps, dashboards, webshops, interactive infographics, corporate websites, intranets, data analysis/visualization and online campaigns.

A website is not 'finished' when it goes live. That is why a 6 month Service Level Agreement (SLA) with monthly updates is included in all our projects. A technically good website, updates and guarantee for possible bugs improves your website's security.
For an optimal experience on different devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop), websites should adapt to the size of your screen. Our norm is to build every website responsive.
No vendor lock-in
Well documented clean code, open source and transferable to other developers. This makes you independent from NXTE as a supplier.

Open source

A free license, content management system (CMS) and a global community contributing to the latest technology. We specialize in Drupal, a flexible and powerful framework.
Ranking high in Google depends on many factors like unique and up-to-date content, redirection from external sources, readable URLs, etc. Drupal is known for its highly integrated SEO implementation.